Raja Rani movie quotes, Raja Rani movie Quotes images

Raja Rani movie Quotes images
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Raja Rani movie Quotes images: Raja Rani movie quotes with images can be found in this article. you can use these images, as per your requirement.

Raja Rani movie quotes

“Enna Naan Kavignan Thaan.” (Am I a poet or what?)

“Kadhal Kaatchi Muthathil Maaruthu.” (In the court of love, silence is the best argument.)

“En Kaathaliku Thunai Undu.” (My love has a companion.)

“Thiruppi Solli Vara Solli Thirumba Varava Kekkaathu.”(Once said and done, it should not be said again.)

“A girl is always dad’s princess..”

“She taught me what love is ..but she never taught how to live without her..”

“When a boy cries, mostly it is because of love..”

Some people don’t say a reason and may leave without saying goodbye.

“Bad Relationship can Change good people”

“Adutha Idathil Naan Paaruven.” (I’ll see you at the next place.)

“Ithu Kaathal Illa, Nanbargal Odinal Kaathal.”(This is not love; it’s the friendship between friends.)

Raja Rani movie Quotes images

“Kadhalum Kavundhu Pogum.” (Love will also pass.)

“Un Ithayaal Kaathal.” (Love with your heart.)

“Kaathal Kaathal Kaathal!” (Love, love, love!)

“Vazhkai Oru Ottagam, Ottagathai Yeri Oor Suthuvathu.” (Life is a race; winning means pushing others down.)

“Kaathal Kaathal Kaathal, Kaathal Da!” (Love, love, love, it’s all about love!)

“Ithu Udalum Yedhu Kaathalum?” (Is this a body or love?)

“Kadhalil Sernthu Kaathal Seiyalaam.” (We can fall in love while being in love.)

“Enakku Vazhkai Yedhuvume Illa.” (I have nothing in life.)

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